Erdmane-Schouten Collaborations



Since 2014 I have been collaborating on several diverse projects with Latvian artist Inga Erdmane. Our approach is to engage a specific situation and see how it can inspire an exchange between us. The exchange is always anchored in the exploration of movement time and space, with the intensity of the collaboration depending on the situation at hand. Rarely do we know beforehand how the project will develop, we keep it open and let the circumstances guide the direction we take. 


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Moving Portraits II - Cēsis




A simple score was used to engage several senior citizens with a connection to Cēsis – “imagine a movement that is significant to you”. This reflection on movement was captured in a spoken story, a filmed expression of the score, and a photographic portrait. Within an abstracted living room, the stories and portraits were woven together representing the shared past of a place and its inhabitants. In the distance, along a path in Cēsu Pils Parks, five large format portraits remind us of the men and women who have stories to tell.






               Selga (ENG)


               Jānis (LV)





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Lines of Bolderāja//Lines of Daugavgrīva




This is an invitation for people with a connection to Bolderāja and Daugavgrīva to imagine a line in the district that has special significance to them. We then meet on that line, walk a part of it, ask them for their story and take some portraits of them on the line. As we collect more and more lines we create a map of individual stories that signify the people who have a living history in Bolderāja and/or Daugavgrīva.




               Karlis (LV)



               Maria (RU)
























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# Karosta Water Tower Project




A choreography can be defined as a series of movements through a specific space for a determined amount of time. A fluid sculpture can be described as a collection of undetermined actions within the confines of a determined structure.

Within the context of the #KarostaWaterTowerProject the choreography was defined as a group of artists interacting with each other and the space of the Karosta Water Tower during July and August 2017. The fluid sculpture was described as the interventions this group of artists made in collaboration and within the red brick walls of the Karosta Water Tower.

A score, which all visitors were invited to perform, united the fluid sculpture with the choreography. It united those moving through the space now with all those who passed before and those who will pass after. A dance that only the Water Tower can witness the entirety of.

For a project archive in pictures check Instagram








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Zetor Zine



An artZine that is the result of a collaboration with Inga Erdmane. It represents a three week exploration of a flax seed factory in Mooste, Estonia in the run-up to the Omega3 Exhibition there in 2016.








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Made possible with the kind support of STROOM Den Haag.